Trista Rogers


Walla Walla, Bellingham, Chicago and Kalispell, Montana, this is the path Trista weaved her way through until she landed at College Place High School. Her experiences with different schools and cultures has shaped her view of education into one that emphasizes real world experiences. An advocate of travel and curiosity, Trista's passion is developing  programs that allow students to explore both mentally and physically their areas of interest helping creating a well rounded graduate of College Place High School.

Paul Jessup

Community OUTreach

Paul taught in Carpina, Brazil after graduating from Trinity International University in History Secondary Education. Paul then taught Project Based Learning curriculums for Geography, World History and Psychology at Liberty Christian High School while owning/operating a small business.  Since his time in Indiana, Paul coached college basketball while earning his masters’ and graduate certificate. Paul now lives in College Place with his lovely wife Ruth Jessup, DPT and three young boys Malachi, Elias and Judah.