Sample Challenges for Your Business
The challenge for your organization is up to you. It can be large or small, new or old, hard or easy. The only requirement is that it must be an authentic challenge that your business needs to solve. Our students will come up with several ideas and develop one solution in detail. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

How can we improve our product(s)?
What new product could we develop?
How can we meet an emerging demand?
How can we design a new offering?
How can we use emerging technology?
How can we be more eco-friendly?
How can we take advantage of e-commerce?
What new business opportunities make sense to pursue?

How can we improve customer service?
How can we get more repeat business?
How can we increase customer loyalty?
How can we garner better customer feedback?
How can we defuse a difficult situation?
What can we learn from our customers for better service?
How can we streamline the customer experience?
How can we make phone/email interactions better?
How can we better understand our customers?
Where can we improve customer convenience?

How can we improve our visibility?
How can we create interest in our offerings?
How can we better communicate our value proposition?
How can we create a better marketing plan?
How can we drive more traffic to our business?
How can we better engage the community?
How can we increase our membership?

How can we refresh or change our image?
How can we improve our ambiance?
How can we appear more professional?
How can we improve our website?
How can we improve our packaging?
What would be a good tagline?
How can we improve our logo?
How can we create better printed materials?
How can we use social media to drive our brand?

Operations & Finance
How can we improve our profitability?
Where can we save money and reduce costs?
How can we reduce time or resource waste?
Should we adjust our pricing?
How can we streamline our processes?
How can we best take advantage of our space?
How can we raise needed funding?
Where and can/should we outsource services?

How can we reward our employees?
How can we attract better employees?
How can we improve our communications to employees?
How can we increase job satisfaction?
How can we increase productivity?
How can we improve work-life balance?
How can we be more parent-friendly for employees?