Is STUDIO 57 a required class?
No, this program is not a requirement. Students may select to enroll in the program during registration or through scheduling an appointment with the academic counselor.   

Will students earn credits?
Yes, they will. Students enrolled in STUDIO 57 have the opportunity to earn a variety of credits based on their project process and outcome. All students will earn an English presentation credit due to the final community presentation requirement of this class. Aside from the English credit, credits will be earned as students meet specific standards outlined by the master teacher of that content area.

Is there a fee?
No there is not a fee for students to participate in Studio 57. 

Will students be competitive for college admission if enrolled in STUDIO 57?
Yes, they will. STUDIO 57 is designed to prepare students for college-level work. The opportunities offered in this program gives students a chance to showcase their unique experiences including qualities that colleges look for like leadership, community involvement, internships, rigorous coursework and achievement.

Will the transcript show a different set of classes than a standard transcript?
No. Student transcripts will look the same as a standard transcript in terms of credits assigned. For example, a student transcript will state Senior English not STUDIO 57 English.  

Will students be able to work directly with the community?
Yes, they will. Students may work with the community in a variety of ways from simple communication with community members in the process of their project to a more in-depth learning experience in the form of an approved internship.

If my students chooses to pursue an internship how will students travel to off site?
Students will need to provide their own transportation if they choose to pursue an off campus internship opportunity. Internships are neither a requirement or guaranteed in this program.

Is STUDIO 57 right for me?
Students in this program will “learn by doing” and through the exploration of career or personal passions. They will tackle real-world challenges, generate real solutions and then take action.  

This approach used at College Place High School called “Project Based Learning" is a collaborative learning experience in which teachers and students work together. The PBL approach asks students to reflect on their learning and the impact of their actions and publish their solutions to a worldwide audience.

Does STUDIO 57 require a student to complete projects as a group or individually?
Yes and No. A student may elect to complete a project of choice as an individual or as a group. However, students can expect to work in teams at times and individually at points. Additionally students will work with experts in different areas of content during this senior experience.

What does a day/week look like for a student?
Much like college or a workplace environment, a student’s schedule will vary depending on the time of year or their project. STUDIO 57 begins at 1:00 PM, ends at 3:00 pm, with the expectation that learning and work continue beyond these hours.