Our goal with B57 is to prepare our students for real world challenges post high school. Our goal is to bring real life challenges to our students through our unique Student to Business Program via Studio 57. This opportunity gives businesses access to College Place High School seniors who have been trained in Design Thinking through a program developed by Stanford School of Design.

Let’s make learning a community investment!
For community minded businesses, this is a way to invest in education and tap into the amazing creative talent of our local students while they assist you in solving your business challenges.

How does it work?

  • Professionals working in the community engage as “clients” representing the interests of their business.
  • Each client selects a challenge for which they would like a solution from our Studio 57 innovators.
  • Teams compromised of 2-5 student innovators are matched with clients then work in the field and onsite to utilize the Design Thinking process to solve the clients challenge.
  • Each team explores the challenge, they concept, ideate, create models and then shares their solution with the client.  This cycle may take several iterations depending on client feedback.
  • Along the way, students use their skills in writing, research, math, technology, science, arts and design to create an effective solution to the challenge.
  • Upon completion, the students will showcase and exhibit their work for their final credit accolades to the community, family and friends.

Three Ways to Get Involved


Let our student innovators assist you solving your business challenges. Being a client is a great opportunity to support students, be active in the community and garner solid innovations for your business. Check out some sample challenges for your business. 

If you are interested in assisting a student learn the ins and outs of your business and tap into the talent of students at STUDIO 57 then hosting an intern is in your best interest.

If you are interesting in investing in education and the future of our workforce, become a sponsor of Studio 57. A business can contribute any amount. This funding pays for supplies, materials and training for staff.

While students will be self-driven to innovate, we are always looking for community members to work on these educational innovations right alongside our students. Your experience and insights will offer creativity, real world feedback and perspective.