“Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for economic success.”

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Our Beginning

The concept that the School Board and Superintendent Tim Payne had in 2012 will finally come to fruition at the beginning of the next school year. STUDIO 57 is designed to give students a unique opportunity to acquire real world, self-directed skills in effort to meet the District’s guiding principles.

 All students have positive, personalized relationships where they feel connected, valued and inspired to learn and contribute.

Responsive, learner-centered environments that engage and rigorously challenge each student.

 Students are connected to their community through real-life learning experiences, mentorships and adult advocacy.

 All students learn through relevant, project-based, and collaborative experiences.

“Design Thinking is neither art nor science, nor religion. It is the capacity, ultimately, for integrated thinking."

— Tim Brown IDEO.com


Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, College Place High School will open STUDIO 57 on the CPHS campus. The concept behind STUDIO 57 began 6 years ago with the planning of the new high school. Patterned after High Tech High School, the design of the school was purposefully created to offer flexible spaces for students to work in a myriad of formats and not look like “traditional school.

In other words, STUDIO 57 will offer a senior experience centered on design thinking that allows students to solve real-world problems and build 21st century skills – it will be a school within the school.

Daniel Wuest and Garrett Green of CNC Crates - Photo Credit Greg Lehman 

Daniel Wuest and Garrett Green of CNC Crates - Photo Credit Greg Lehman 

Our Mission

To create a senior experience around design thinking that allows students to solve real-world problems though QUALITY WORK. Students will be skilled, not stuck. 

With the launch of STUDIO 57, students will end the more traditional school day before lunch and “enter” an experience where they will be able to practice and demonstrate the following 21st century skills: collection of information, collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and character. At CPHS, we feel these are necessary skills to become a productive member of society as students move into their 5th year plan and pathway post high school. Students will attend Studio 57 by choice and if it fits their senior schedule.

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Get Involved

Community is the key to making STUDIO 57 truly unique. While it is not required, it will be strongly encouraged that all students find a way to interact with community members. Many benefits come from these partnerships such as learning or refining professional communication skills, creating contacts that will benefit students in terms of future jobs and letter of recommendations as well as gaining new experiences, mentors, skills, responsibility and so much more! If you would like to participate in the classroom, donate items for students to use, or host a CPHS Senior for an internship click below!

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